PT. Rahajasa Media Internet, RADNET, was established in November 1994 by Roy Rahajasa Yamin with a vision beyond the future, with a mission to become an internet service provider for individuals and corporate purposes in Indonesia and other parts of the world.

In May 1995, the first Internet service provider was launched in Indonesia by RADNET to mark the first step of its mission not only marking the beginning of RADNET’s operation but also imprinted RADNET as the first Internet service provider in Indonesia.

RADNET has committed to serve not only the 240 million population of Indonesia with a total communication services, but also to serve the Asia Pacific region with an Internet network. Expands its mission to become the next generation qualified to serve telecommunication needs in a maturing and advancing society, from simple electronic mail service to multimedia, which includes audio communication for the national as well as the international market.

Based on the recent APJII data (Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association) there are 12 million subscribers and 63 million users in Indonesia. Upheld by communication and experienced business development experts, RADNET as of 2013 provides a better quality Internet services at more than 250 cities in Indonesia, and is determined to become a well planned Information and Communication Technology company in the area for the future and beyond. Recent research results confirmed RADNET as one of the market leaders in Indonesia.


  • Providing Wifi & Wireless Internet Access nationwide
  • Providing Wimax/4G/LTE services for Riau Islands (incl. Batam & Bintan), The Moluccas including North Maluku and Papua.
  • Providing Mobile Internet Access in Maluku, North Maluku & Aceh (Project awarded by Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Republic of Indonesia)
  • Connected to more than 30.000 payment gateways nationwide
  • Partnership with Distribution Channel that has coverage more than hundred thousand nationwide
  • Strong customer base (Corporate & Retail Subscribers)
  • Broad telecommunication business experiences
  • Qualified and experienced staffing
  • Reliable domestic and international network infrastructures
  • Backbone Interconnection to: Indosat, NTT, XL, PCCW, Moratel, Matrix, Telkom, Hutchinson, Gilat Satellite, Apstar and also Indonesian Internet exchange (IIX) and multi-bilateral peering with local ISP
  • A business of high potential for future growth and further developments
  • Media Link via Fiber Optic, PSTN, ISDN, Frame Relay, Wireless Link and Satellite Technology
  • Head office: Jakarta, Branch offices in more than 230 District Government in Java & Sumatera Island
  • Network Operating Center (NOC) and 24 hours Customer Care Center, 7 days a week



Internet Connection

As is well known, RADNET main business is the internet service provider (ISP). As the first company to get an ISP license from the government, RADNET has more than 20 years of experience serving good Internet connection for personal, education, business and government.

With experiences using a wide varieties of telecommunications technology era, ranging from the PSTN, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, DoV, Frame Relay, TDM up with the latest technology of Fiber Optics, make RADNET have invaluable experiences to help address the problems encountered by customers.

Mobile Development

Mobile is a necessity in daily internet usage. Therefore, RADNET improve its ability to meet the needs of customers on the use of mobile applications.

Some mobile applications developed by RADNET been used by some customers. Whether it is used for internal purposes of the customer, or used for the benefit of the customer relationship with their customers.

Web-based Development

Web is the first application that makes the Internet as it is today. RADNET participate in the history of the web, ranging from static web with HTML, followed by the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) that make the web into a more dynamic, up to the era of highly dynamic web with many APIs and interaction with the browser, we follow closely.

In fact, RADNET in the first days of the Internet boom has internet directory -which is being turned as a search engine like Google or Yahoo!. Indocenter -the name of internet directory, well-known as the reference of Indonesia website.

Sistem Integrator

Information and communication technology will not be able to run properly without a relationship with other systems. Whether it is a system that has been or is being run, and the system is still in the planning.

RADNET which has been operating for 20 years, has experience helping customers-whether directly or indirectly, in resolving the problems of incorporation of such systems. Starting from the provision of hardware, middle-ware, software up by experts to be a consultant for companies or governments in need.